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How I can help you


I provide one-to-one business mentoring for people with chronic illnesses. These can be individual one-off sessions or a 3 month programme to really help you on the road to success. Please contact me for a free 15 minute call to look at how I can help you

The Chronic Empowerment Hub

If you are a business owner with a chronic illness, come and join the Chronic Wellbeing Hub. It's a friendly and helpful community full of amazing masterclasses on running a business and living with a chronic illness. It is supported by Lloyds Bank

Training / Resources

I have a number of courses available for business owners with chronic illnesses, You can download the free 6 Secrets to Success Masterclass, plus the Running a Business with a Chronic Illness Workbook. To find out more, please click below


Running a successful business with a chronic illness

With the right support and guidance it is possible to build a successful business that is in alignment with your health

Running a business is hard, but when you add in a chronic illness, it can sometimes feel impossible. However, with the right guidance and mindset, it is possible to run a successful business AND look after your health. Within Entrepreneurs against the Odds, we can show you how to do this. We look at a whole range of topics (which are listed below) and show you how to apply them to your business. With my one to one mentoring package, I will walk you through exactly how you can change your business to suit your health, enabling you to grow it while also making sure you're looking after your health.

How mentoring can help you and your business

From exhausted and busy to thriving and successful

When running a business with a chronic illness it is important to work in a way that helps you to reach your goals whilst protecting your health. I can help you to do that by working with you on your business model, helping you to ensure that what you are working on will help you reach your goals and showing you different ways of working.

I will also help you to put steps in place so that you can take time off when you need it.

I offer one off mentoring Power Hours as well as a complete package of mentoring sessions

Training and Resources

Check out the training and resources that I have available to help you and your business

As well as my free 6 Secrets to Success Masterclass and the Business Self Care Checklist, I also have other training and resources available to help you grow you business in alignment with your health.

Come and join the Chronic Empowerment Hub where you will be find an amazing community alongside useful masterclasses on running a business and living with a chronic illness and opportunities to network and co-work.

You can also sign up to the waitlist for my Foundations for Flexible Freedom Programme and for the Entrepreneurs against the Odds Starting Out programme.


The Excel against the Odds podcast - discussing the successes and challenges of running a business with a chronic illness

Listen to the Excel against the Odds podcast where my guests and I discuss setting up and running a business with a chronic illness. Be ready to be inspired and take handy tips to help you to ensure you run your business in a balanced and rewarding manner.

Click below to listen or search for the 'Excel against the Odds' podcast on your favourite podcast provider.

I can honestly say when I have spent time with Sarah it has been well worth it. She always has wonderful insight and ideas that will help and its so nice having someone that understands the trials and tribulations faced when balancing health and business

Pollie Rafferty


Look after your wellbeing with this Business Self-Care Checklist

Whether you're an Entrepreneur or an Employee, it is imperative that you look after your health. This handy checklist will help you to prioritise your well-being which will in turn benefit your health, your family and your work


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