About Us

My name is Sarah and I have a number of health conditions including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS Syndrome, ME, IBS and Chronic migraine. Whilst living with these conditions, I have worked with a variety of blue-chip companies and have also set up both a product and service business. Prior to the onset of my chronic illnesses, I had an established career as a senior business consultant which involved a great deal of foreign travel. Unbeknown to me, my life was about to dramatically change. My health started to deteriorate and it became necessary to restrict my working hours and travel. As you can imagine, I became lost and disillusioned, but I wasn’t going to let that defeat me. From that point on, it became my misson and obsession to develop coping strategies to protect my health, whilst enabling me to have a successful career and develop a growing business. I have also created a wonderful Facebook group, Entrepreneurs against the Odds,  where I share these techniques. Come and be part of our thriving and supportive community! I also offer private one to one consultations for business owners, employees and organisations.